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Exclusive online training for unlocking the depths of your true nature and unleashing your highest potential
Welcome to Spiritual Mastery, the online membership that empowers you to unlock your highest potential and connect with the Divine Source like never before.

Join a community of like-minded people on a spiritual growth journey. Engage, share, and receive support from others who understand and embrace your pursuit.

Awaken Your True Nature: Unleash your potential and awaken your true essence. Get the tools and guidance to shed the layers of illusion and limitation, allowing your true self to shine brilliantly.

Gain Deep Insights and Clarity: Experience a profound shift in your being as you gain deeper insight into your true nature. Discover the truth, peace, love, bliss, freedom, abundance, and unbridled power within you.

Embody The Divine Source: Empower yourself to embody the Creator in you and apply the wisdom that resonates with your soul, enabling you to integrate spirituality into every aspect of your life.

 Manifest Heaven on Earth: Create your best life full of joy, abundance, and fulfillment for the benefit of all. Unleash your ability to shape your reality and co-create heaven on Earth.

Membership Benefits:

Live Sessions: Join weekly sessions where we come together to learn, seek guidance, and ask questions on Tuesdays at 12 pm UTC.
 Session Recordings: Access the recordings of sessions at your fingertips anytime, anywhere as many times as you like.
Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded people committed to their spiritual journey, supporting and uplifting each other.
Additional Material: Browse a library of past sessions and meditations and deepen your understanding with the profound teachings of the Law of One.
Bonus Course: Get Enlightened Living: A Radical Self Transformation online course as part of your membership.

Join Spiritual Mastery today and unlock the power that will guide you toward a life of truth, peace, love, bliss, freedom, and abundance to create your heaven on Earth. Embrace your true nature and step into a world of limitless possibilities.
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Your Facilitator
Prakhar's mission is to help people realize their true nature, actualize their infinite potential and create a beautiful world together. He supports people to embody their best selves, fulfill their purpose, and manifest their greatest life.

I have heard/seen nothing of Prakhar's that is not exceptional. It *may* (or may not) be possible that, if you want to *most fully* attend to, and best experience, the authenticity of this teacher and the transformative nature of his teachings, you may want to be sure to be present for a livestream.

Tristan A

Master Teacher, Prakar has helped me combine/ integrate all that I’ve learned from previous reading, coursework and experience, to a much deeper and more complete understanding. As someone who is in the early stages of launching a small business, with all my insecurities and doubt, it has led me down a clearer path! His calm tone, delivery, knowledge, humor, wittiness is authentic and cuts right to the core of what it means to be a soul being on this earth with a purpose. Superb!

Juls Bacewicz

Prakhar has a way of finding the exact words to make spiritual concepts so clear, and to bring them into real life. I could feel a sense of peace, safety and joy just listening and doing the beautiful practices.


It was through good karma that I got to know Prakhar. At that time, I was struggling with loosening the grip my ingrained personality has on me. He willing offered me very clear advice which was creative, radical and effective.

Dee Kwan