Enlightened Living: A Radical Self Transformation
How would you feel if you were truly free?

This online training course will teach you how to...

1. Purify your connection with your Higher Self

2. Raise your frequency and evolve spiritually

3. Embody enlightenment to live an empowered life

...so that you can find the ultimate liberation, love, fulfillment, peace, bliss and abundance within yourself. 

Hi, I'm Prakhar, and among many other things, I'm a writer and coach.

I founded DesignEpicLife.com to help people live their best lives and actualize their potential. After years of chasing success and achievements, I felt a strong impulse to seek the truth.

I went on a spiritual quest, exploring many gurus and masters, practicing meditation and yoga, but it felt like I wasn't getting anywhere.


I was frustrated, tired, and almost gave up on the spiritual journey.

Then, I started getting answers and glimpses of truth. Since then, I've never looked back, committed to being enlightened.

Once I realized myself, I couldn't help but share what I had found. I want to share my insights and help you avoid the biggest mistakes and distractions on a spiritual path.

In this course, we'll demystify spiritual teachings and make them extremely accessible and easy for everybody.

I advocate the path of self-mastery, which is a pure and direct path to self-realization and spiritual enlightenment.

In the course, you will...

  • Walk the path of self-mastery to purify and balance your energy centers so you can heal and grow.

  • Connect with your higher self on a consistent basis to find your purpose and live a fulfilling life.

  • Learn to use suffering as a catalyst to find incredible power, love, abundance, bliss, freedom, and peace within you.

Here's the course outline...

Part 1: Before Enlightenment

  • Lesson 1: The Path of Self-Mastery
  • Lesson 2: Conquering Fear
  • Lesson 3: Raising Self-Esteem
  • Lesson 4: Exposing The Ego
  • Lesson 5: Unlearning Old Programming
  • Lesson 6: Activating Love
  • Lesson 7: Activating Wisdom
  • Lesson 8: Connecting With Your Higher Self
  • Lesson 9: Finding The Truth

Part 2: After Enlightenment

  • Lesson 10: The Spiritual Highway
  • Lesson 11: Self-Realization 1
  • Lesson 12: Self-Realization 2
  • Lesson 13: Living An Epic Life
  • Lesson 14: Dealing With Suffering
  • Lesson 15: Doing The Integration Work
  • Lesson 16: Your Honor
  • Lesson 17: The Practice

This online course is for you...

  • If you want to heal from traumas that create depression and anxiety so you can live a fulfilling life aligned with your soul's purpose.

  • If you are a spiritual seeker on the quest for enlightenment and you're looking for a pure and direct path to self-realization.

  • If you're already enlightened and want to purify yourself even further to be of service to others.

With over 6 hours of video lessons and meditations, you'll come out a transformed person, ready to spread your wings and fly. Join us on this journey to become pure, connect with divinity, save yourself, and serve the world.

Enlightened Living$159

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For the enlightened living course the part one completion in a single lesson every morning. At first the doubt hindered a payment decision towards chakra-seal knowledge. But the course brought myself to the moment preceding my enlightenment. BE ENLIGHTENED!

Mother warned me not to pay money towards religious spirituality. After transcendental meditation technique, Your enlightened living course changed the opinion of spending money this way. Not 1,500 towards a sadhu with kundalini and shakti experience and competence but a sadguru, Prakhar.

When attaining thirty five years of age, Prakhar these insights develop spontaneously with the age progression in chakra mastery. At 37 your course compliments what has been left behind in the jumbled assortment of confusion. The mind on part two after enlightenment surely aids the future lifestyle in accordance with your skrit.

Jacques Gallaher
This is a course that you must take if you are seeking spiritual enlightenment or just for anyone on any path in life! Master Teacher, Prakhar has helped me combine/ integrate all that I’ve learned from previous reading, coursework and experience, to a much deeper and more complete understanding. As someone who is in the early stages of launching a small business, with all my insecurities and doubt, it has led me down a clearer path! His calm tone, delivery, knowledge, humor, wittiness is authentic and cuts right to the core of what it means to be a soul being on this earth with a purpose. Superb! I feel blessed and filled with gratitude that I have come upon Prakhar’s course!
Juls Bacewicz

There are so many "life coaches" out there but Prakhar is different, he's actually helping us liberate ourselves from the need for coaching in the first place, which ironically is why I find his coaching effective. The Actualize Yourself Telegram group and Enlightened Living Course have helped me so much. It is the only place I find freedom.

Victoria Li
It was through good karma that I got to know Prakhar. At that time, I was struggling with loosening the grip my ingrained personality has on me. He willing offered me very clear advice which was creative, radical and effective.

I then enrolled in Enlighted Living Course. It was good for me because the lessons are laid out in such a fashion that it really fits me. I had never started right from the very fundamentals of this path.

I especially benefitted from the Self-realization 1 and 2. Prakhar delineated the path very clearly. What seemed like an unreachable goal was reachable after all. After these two lessons, I felt a distinct change. Of course, there are many other useful lessons that complete the package. One can see the sincere devotion that he has to his calling. Also, one can always go back to view the lessons again even after finishing the course. It is a small financial investment for such an important endeavour.
Dee Kwan